Cp.sambapos.com not opening

Is there an issue with the community portal? im just getting a blank white page so cant login

No problem its working now

Here it is as well not opening.

I get blank page too…

I tried with both VPN and local ip. I dont see any problem.

This is the source of blank page I get on mobile;

<!doctype html>

SambaPOS Community Portal
<div id="header"></div>

<div class="page-content-wrapper">

  <div id="message-container"></div>

  <div class="content" id="content"></div>

  <div id="footer"></div>


It doesn’t show HTML bits outside body on forum

Only code, no content.

We didnt see any error. All site and CDN’s are working. And we tested with a lot of ways.
Can you test it with a hidden window (chrome)

Nope doesn’t work in incognito mode in chrome either just still a blank white screen

This is all you get in normal and incognito mode in chrome

OK a wrong language file cached from our CDN’s. Now it works.(english)