Create a move button to move a item of a ticket into another ticket

I had a restaurant where I used Samba POS V3. Now I want to use V4. So I integrate the old database in to new version. But one problem is raised that the move button has become vanished.

Now how can I create the move button again to move a item from one ticket to another ticket and from one table to another table.

Anybody can help me?

Previous POS Screen Shoot:
Current POS Screen Shoot:

Go to manage and in one of the options on the left (im not at pc so cant remember the exact option) theres is a button that says rebuild default buttons, press that and it should appear

Alternatively check your rules and auto commands for defualt move button and see if it just needs mapping added to appear

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Solutions = Manage-> Settings-> Program Settings -> Maintenance -> Rebuild Default Buttons

Problem solved.

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The forum structure has changed since release of version 5. You can still get the V4 tutorials but its a little different now. First select Version 4 category then another category selector will popup to right of it you can choose V4 tutorial category from there to browse older tutorials.

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