Create Account Disabled

Hi everyone,

I use v5 Professional. I followed this simple loyalty tutorial: Custom Simple Loyalty Card Features.

Long story short: The account details is unavailable. I of course assumed this is because I have to create a user account, just creating a customer is not enough, the account has to be made via the view customer > Edit > create account.

However the Create Account button is also disabled. I am positive I am an admin and have “Can Create Account” privileges.

Can anybody shed some light onto this?


Is that a new member younare setting up? If so you need to save it first so the member is created, then go back to members and search for it and the account button should allow you to press it

You cant create the account until you have created the member and saved it as the member doesnt exist until after this point. The create account button is greyed out as you cant create an account for a member that doesnt exist yet


Yes it’s new. I added details then click save. Then go back and find it and open it but it’s still grayed out.

Show your Entity Type settings for Customers.

And your Account Type for Customers…

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Looks like he renamed it to members so likely something was still left as customers.


What we are checking for enabling that button is…

  1. Does user have permission?
  2. Does entity already have an account?
  3. Any account type assigned for entity type?
  4. If we can create an account name by using Account Name Template.
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