Create account transaction not working


I am trying to create a Cost of Sale account transaction when the work period is ended. I am not sure if I use the action incorrectly or perhaps missing something. Here is what I’ve tried. date:

Account Transaction and Document Type:


Actions (i’ve tried both “Create Account Transaction” and “Create Account Transaction Document”:

This is the rule for the end work period. I’ve added a message to see if there is a amount for the transaction:

Message to confirm COS amount for the account transaction

COS account is blank

Did I miss something?

Not something I’ve delved into but pretty sure that report expression in default value of document type is not valid for that place/use.

In your case, use the Create Account Transaction Document action. The other Action will not work for your purpose.

My guess is that the Doc (and Transactions) are being created properly, but you cannot see them in your Account Screen. You can check the DB table [AccountTransactionValues] to see if the records are created.

Your Account Screen date filter looks to be set incorrectly. It is also important to know that each Account Screen has a filter for things like Workperiod, Today, Yesterday, etc. If your filter is set for Workperiod, then the Doc/Tx will not appear by default, since the WP is already closed when the Doc/Tx is created. You can override that using the date filters on the screen. Try setting the date filter start/end to something valid and click Refresh.


I’ve changed the account filters and check the DB tables but no record / transaction was created. When I use the Document Type at the account screen it works, but still nothing when the rule calls the action. Any other suggestions, it feels if I missing something small?

I’ve call the Action directly and even entered a fixed amount value in and it still doesn’t create a transaction.

Remove the Report Tag from the Default Amount parameter in your Doc. That is not likely to work anyway, since I don’t think Tags are supported there.

For your “manual” AMC with fixed amount of 50, how do you know that Rule is being Triggered? Put a Show Message Action in there to confirm. P.S. where is the Description parameter as defined in the Action like shown in your previous post?

Looking at your Rule more closely, the above statement is incorrect. You are closing the WP after the Doc is created. Please disregard what I said here.


Here is the test Rule:

The action to create doc:

Message when rule is called:

I’ve cleared the default amount field as well:

I’ve left it blank and entered a Description template for the Document Type “Cost of Sale”

I’ve originally called the Rule from an Entity Screen. I’ve tried it also through a ticket and it still didn’t create a transaction document.

Within the Ticket i was able to create an Account transaction but this will not really help because i don’t know how to calculate the cost value for that specific / current ticket.

Yes, that Action is for calling within a Ticket, which is why I mentioned you need the Tx Doc Action.

I don’t see any reason for this not working for you.

Just an observation though, your SambaPOS version is 5.2.3 but is dated 2017-11-18. It is possible that version contains a bug. Latest version is 5.2.3 dated 2017-11-25… try re-downloading and reinstall …

Thank you, I’ve update Samba but it still didn’t work, but:

I’ve got it to create the Account transaction Document. I needed to provide a Account Name for the “Create Account Transaction Document” Action.

But now I’ve got a new problem, the Work Period doesn’t want to close, but when i select end work period for a second time it closes. The problem the is that the account transaction is duplicated. Any suggestions as to why the work period wouldn’t closed on the first go?

Be sure Rule Debugger is not running.

Show Rule WP End - Close with all Actions expanded.

I assume you removed unnecessary Actions in that Rule? Or at least put it Action Constraints like 1==2 for the Actions that don’t need to fire now?


I think the Rule Debugger did the trick. The work period close now with the first go…

I am almost there, if everything works as planned I will be able to keep track of the change in my stock value on a daily basis. My next challenge will be to create some kind of Income and balance sheet report using the different account balances…lol. I will share my setup once I get everything to work.

Do you know if there is a way we can display the total of the warehouse transactions will capturing the inventory item’s on the receiving document?

Rule Debugger is great for some things, but is also known to cause some problems with Automation under certain circumstances…

I don’t think so. But if you go 1 screen back (ie. close/save the screen you are showing), you can get totals at the bottom by right-clicking and selecting Sum, etc …

On that ^ screen, you can then Filter by Warehouse Code to get Totals for a particular Warehouse …

So now we can see Totals for only “Roatan Provision” …

Learning something new everyday,

Did not know you can add totals and counts on warehouse screen. But this doesn’t solve my problem, the idea was to reconcile the transaction document total amount with delivery note/invoice total. This will help that they don’t skip an item when capturing the supplier’s invoice/delivery document.

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Hi @Jakes did you manage this. have also tried to search and try a way out but nothing yet