Create and then LOAD entity

I can get an automation command to create an entity, but how would I get that entity to load as soon as it has been created?

Obviously this isn’t correct… cos it don’t work… What am I doing wrong?


EDIT: just added a MSG TEST and got no return

Use the Change Ticket Entity action … that may not work though because I have no idea what your doing. Are you creating them from in ticket? Entity Updated is probably not going to capture Entity Created.

Hmm, thats an interesting idea for selecting entity.
Personally dont like it as could be triggered by events other than your intended flow.

You could use similiar flow to what I used in my hotel room and booking account setup.

How are you setting entity name on new entity?
If you use execute automation command with the sommand value of the intended new entity name you can then have a create entity action using command value and then a update entity action again using the value to select that new entity.

However Change Ticket Entity action can also create entities. Explain more of what your trying to do we can help you better.

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Thats a good shout…

I tagged your hotel workflow on this, we talked about it before @JTRTech

Here is what I tried for the Create Entity:

With these actions:


Your create and load entity actions probably wont work like that.
If you put the [?CustomerName] prompt into an execute automation command value field then have a create entity action and load entity action in the resulting rule creating the entity and selecting using command value. Its that bit which allows both actions to use the prompt value (entity name) to create and then select…
Or as kendash said the select entity action has option to create entity…

so AMC Rule with a Crate Entity which triggers an other AMC, then use that to load said entity?


No, my flow was a button rule with an execute automation command action with command value of ?prompt and then the resulting command rule triggered by the automation command action contains the create and select actions using command value (customer name from the ?prompt in the execute action on first rule)

Might have to elaborate a little on that if you could.

Don’t worry for tonight though, I’m about to get busy (hopefully lol)

automation command rule (triggered by button)
action of execute automation command

  • command name = createPartyEntity
  • command value = [?Party Name]

automation command rule (triggered by action above)
Constraint: Command Name = createPartyEntity
action create entity

  • entity name = [:CommandValue] (command value = value from ?prompt in first rule)
    action local/select entity
  • entity name = [:CommandValue]] (command value = value from ?prompt in first rule)
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I don’t understand how that flow is working, I don’t understand how [:CommandValue] works?

Would be interesting to know that.

Will try that as I’m still waiting for customerrrrrssssssssss (and its meant to be pay day?!)


An automation command has two ‘values’, the command name itself and the command value.
Look at my fast cash flow… It uses 4 buttons which trigger the same rule with 4 constraints to catch any of the 4 commands then a pay ticket action using the command value for the tendered amount…

Command name is the trigger value is data the command carries with it. The rule sees the command name so it knows to trigger and can use the command value to do extra stuff.

Look at how ask questions work, the question has 1 command name and then each button is a command value…

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aha, understood.

Tried above, didn’t load… :frowning:

Ar you sure its load you actually want? sure there are open and load ticket actions, load doesnt actually open/select it but allow automation on it, dont think it does anything visually but might be wrong? or posibly it just isnt showing, maybe try a refresh ticket…

Sure you dont want change ticket entity?

I want it to select the entity that has just been created…

That OR… add values to the custom fields of that entity that’s been created? Which I may be able to do…

Let me continue with what we just did and add a few bits to it :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy


Select it to the ticket or just set a bunch of entity data.??

You can in theory update an entity data field without selecting just using entity type and name with update entity data action…
The above example would trigger a rule where command value would be the new entity name… and they add a few update entity data actions where entity name is command value…

HOWEVER you might want to consider some other way of generating entity name as they obviously have to be unique…
My hotel setup would be a beneficial setup to understand as that creates a booking entity with generated number as entity name and they updates a buntch of entity data fields using prompts…

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For now, ive literally JUST basically done what I wanted to achieve.

Loading the entity ISNT important really as the ticket will be closed without a transaction anyway. Creatiung an entity and filling in the custom fields IS important.

Now ive got the basics done, I can achieve what I was setting out to do. Thanks for the Command Value help.