Create Entity with an ACN Button and add Information to Custom Data field?

How i can create Entity with an AMC Button and add Information to Custom Data field?
I tried this and it creates Entity, only to add some information to the custom field not works atm…
what is wrong?
1st=Send Message Action
2nd=Update Ticket Tag
3th=Create Entity Action
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What’s the send message for?

This can be done using ?prompt popups.
You would need to separate the initial asking for entity name into one action passing the prompt as command value which then creates entity and is used for entity name in update entity action.
Have a look at this topic where I went though making booking entities using prompts like that.

Hello @JTRTech i tried to follow the setup but i need help … can you show me how i need to setup it?

Your first rule will be an execute automation command action.
Command name will be used to trigger second rule.
For value use [?Prompt] to ask for entity name.
Then in second rule first have a create entity action and for name use [:CommandValue] from drop down.
Then after that add a update entity action for each value you want to set. In these set entity type and use command value again to specify the entity , enter the custom field to update and use ?prompt again for to prompt for the value.

First rule just asks for the name.
The second rule then uses that value to create and then update that specific entity using the value again to specify entity name.

Halleluja thank you it works !!! :+1:

Another question how can i print now these informations directly?

In what way do you mean?
You would probably have to select entity/create ticket (wouldn’t need orders) but to give a link between printing and entity data. Then just create a template using tags as required.

yes print out on paper, yes i need the link how i do it ok i understand now, there is no other way or yes?

There are plenty of printing tutorials.
All you need before that is to make it select the entity to ticket in order that the print command has reference to that entity since printing is ticket based.

What information do you want printed? How do you want the printout to look?

Hmmm how i do that in another Rule with AMC or with choose entity?

hello @Jesse i followed the tutorial for the loyality points setup from JTRTech in the video and i dont have plasticcards for my clients so i want when i create an entity to print the information out of the new entity number with name, so that we have a number and the client too.

Hello @JTRTech How I can do that?

Do what sorry? Please specify.

What you here explained

Not sure what you want me to show you.
If you want to print entity details after you have created and updated entity details you will need to use the change ticket entity action to select the entity you created. Creating a ticket if needed with can create ticket as true. You need to do this as printing is ticket based so to get entity details in the print you need to select the entity for the ticket.

Hi it can not autoselect the entity?

Halleluja! it works thank you!!! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Hello something similar to the topic,
why this is not working:

im searching for existing entity and if not existing then the action/rule will be executed.

Whats no es lgual in English sorry?