Create Entity with an ACN Button and add Information to Custom Data field?

None that I’m aware of. Use the mask workaround Jesse mentioned for the time being.
I do the same for our tax numbers:

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I think this is a Microsoft issue. It does the same thing in other Microsoft apps. I think the framework we use is causing it. I will add it to our Redmine tracker.

Hello @Jesse the problem is that the number sometimes is longer or shorter but the end will always be the same. Like 1234567-8 or 12345678-9

You can set a mask for that.

And how it can be done?

How would this be set it up
it works like -0 but i need 0000000-0 for example
i need at least 7, 8 or 9 digits befor that…

I think our problem is we do not have the ability to turn on Right to Left matching. Can you change your number format so its

That would output 1-23423423 or 2-234234 for example.

Be sure and set Mask Type to Regex

thanks @Jesse but thats not working for me i will think how to do that… its a special number here in my country with a “-#” at final.

But can y show on a printer template it this way? ########-# with 7,8 or 9 digits before?

Try this:


See if it doesnt convert it to date.

That should allow you to use the - and it wont convert to date.

could you prefix with a letter behind the scenes since your using ?prompt
And then slice the letter off on print template if needed?

Thanks @Jesse but it converts it into date

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hello @JTRTech how do you mean that?

you mean here?

Thats a shame. I dont think we will have a solution for this anytime soon.

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You may need to rethink your numbering scheme. Or use a character other than -

My guess is both - and / will cause the issue.

Sure i saw you were using ?prompt earlier.
If you put say A[?Prompt] it should prefix with a letter.
Just try that for now, sure a letter will stop the conversion since I have fields with - and numbers with with letters infront and havnt seen this issue.

how i can write that right?
but the thing is that sometimes the number has a - sign and sometimes not :upside_down_face:

How are you entering the number?
?Prompt right



yes but sometimes the number will be a simple number and other times it will be 1234567-8

Right, how does that effect it, by adding the letter Im pretty sure non of the date issue will happen, doesnt for me at least.
What comes after is irrelevent, its the - causing it, and whatever solution it wants to be applied accross the board so you can account for it consistantly else where, ie slicing first char of the value in print template if you need it bask to number without letter.