Create New Event Names

Hi All,

Is it possible to create new event names?
Currently there is ‘Order Added To Ticket’, I need ‘Order Removed From Ticket’


You Can look at all possible rule Events just choose create Rule. please Share with us what your trying to do and we will help suggest ideas.

Hi Jesse,

Thanks for the reply. Just working on implementing my Coffee Card redemption bit. Currently I have set up a custom field on the Customer Entity called Points. When a coffee is added to the ticket the Event name Order Added to Ticket adds a point to the overall points (this works fine). But what happens if someone changes their mind and removes a coffee from the order? I can remove the coffee but the point stays.

Hope that makes sense?



Add Coffee Point

Why not add the point on ticket closing or payment? Its when you know something is 99% correct and done.

Isnt there order changed or portion changed action that could help you?

Would that add a point for each coffee? E.g. if someone ordered 4 coffees.

I’ve just tried several different options and no points get added.

What about adding constraints and action to default cancel, gift & void rules to remove the point?

On payment/final close would work but you would need to change the calculation fo count up the number of applicable items and add that rather than 1

OK, I’ll try adding the coffees up…

But in answer to your question you can make your own events but there is an extencive list of rule events in the dropdown.

I’ve decided that this will (should) be a rare occurrence so not worth worrying about.

Order cancelled is an event I beleive. Even if not you could tap in to the cancel order automation command either directly or via adding an execute automation command to the cancel rule.
And void/gift are order state update events.

Had a quick look at the Order Cancelled event but the point doesn’t come off the total. I’ll look at it later when I have more time. Thanks for the tip though :+1: