Create order for future date

Is it possible to create an order for a later date? For example i have an event category where i have my products i sell for events and would like to put in a date and also have option for customer to pay now or later and have a sort of ticket where i can come back to it for reference or customer paying for it.

Yes, you would configure SambaPOS similar to this…

Thanks for the info but I tried following the instructions but I couldnt get it to work. The file he has uploaded, is that essentially a complete version of the reservations setup? and how do I get it to work and import it? Sorry I am very new to this SQL etc.

That file requires the Database Tools Module purchase from the Marketplace. If you purchase that module you can import that file into your setup.

The database file is a CE database I would recommend using SQL and not importing that database. I would recommend using the Database Tools file instead.

Thanks. How do I use the database tools file? Its a .zip with a txt file inside.

You must purchase Database Tools module from the Samba Marketplace. Go to sign up if you have not yet after purchase you go to Samba Market from the Main Menu in SambaPOS4 and on the upper right corner click Log In. Log in with your Marketplace Username and Password and then press activate and install for the Database Tools module.

After install of module go to Settings and Database Tools will be available. You click import and import the txt file.

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You do not have to use this file by the way… if you follow the instructions in tutorial you can set it up manually without importing the file… Database Tools makes it a lot easier however as you can simply just import it all.

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I tried doing t manually but it didn’t work for me, so I will buy it thanks for your help!

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Actually before I purchase i’d like to try one more time, what instructions do I have to follow? All of them? Because I do not really want to have the check in option I would just like to have the reservation option.

Also what I thought the problem was was that for certain things I didnt add mappings as the instructions didnt say so, which led to greyed out rules and actions etc. Could that be the problem?

You always have to add default mapping to rules or they will not work. This is understood typically so some tutorials you will see this step skipped to reduce the length of tutorial.

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OK Thanks I’ll let you know how it goes!

By the way this is a good way to try things out or to try disabling features without actually deleting stuff. Just take the mapping out and you can disable rules. Its a good practice if you want to take some features out without risking integrity of your system if it ended up being a feature you needed. If you delete the rules you may not know or remember how to make them again.