Create Properties Reports

I’m using V5.
I take a look at Reports --> Items Sale Report, it doesn’t show Properties Reports like V4
Properties Reports show report of Order Tags. V4 was show this reports, but V5 wasn’t.
Could you please help about this please?
Thanks a lot.

I created one already, have a look on the forum.

Thanks @Posflow
But I found this topic by Emre

Problem Solved
For this syntax, it will list all single order tag:

{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.TagName,T.Value,T.Quantity,T.Price}

You can change syntax with sum total of Price, it will list but with sum total

REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.TagName,T.Value,T.Quantity,T.Price.Sum:(ODI=True)}

For my report, it helps