V5 Report Items Sales do not print tag properties

Hello guys, i was wondering why did the template for Item Sales report changed. I use order tags as modifieres for 3 categories of products, each one has multiple tags that modify an order and its price, this normally would show in the prebuilt report ITEM SALES, but now it does not show, can you show me the way to get a similar result? Thanks in advance.

It’s not really an issue I mean nothing is broken so I changed topic category to V5 Question.

It would be better if you show the syntax fully by copy paste instead of only showing us part of it in a broken screenshot so we can help you with it.

Try using this report

[Properties:1,1,1, 1]
{REPORT ORDER TAG DETAILS:T.TagName,T.Value,T.Quantity,T.Price}
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Gotcha! will do that… thanks @emre IT WORKS!! Thank You

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@ssefo V5 allows full customization of all reports among various other things that were previously hardcoded in v4. So instead of comparing it to v4 just explain your need to us with v5 and we can help you. V4 is done as far as we v5 users are concerned lets move on from it.

I mean some things in v5 will be different but if its not doing what you want then just ask we can help you customize it.