Create Ticket Action: Custom Clone Ticket Values

If I allow you to list transactions (account details) for both sales and refund accounts (think it like details of blue groups) does it solve your need?

Part of the reason I wanted the original ticket to be edited… is also for another form of tracking…

It opens up the ability to track how many times someone attempts to return item A on receipt 1023 If they return to the store and try to return the item again… my employee will scan the receipt and see that Item A was already refunded. Technically you could go even more advanced and insert some ask questions to tag ID with returns allowing you to track stuff like how many returns without a receipt a customer has made in the last month etc.

OK got it. Trying to prevent multiple returns is a good idea!

Keep in mind that I am developing this for Retail environment where this sort of tracking is VERY valuable.

EDIT: There are a few more requests I will be making but I am not to that point yet. Few things like when I do convert a current ticket into Refund ticket … it copies the Ticket # instead of generating a new one… I know it does this because it is designed too… but It would be nice if it could use a Refund Ticket Number Generator when ticket is changed.

Great! Like I’ve said probably the issue you’re facing is loosing selection while executing specific actions. I’ll let you store / restore selection on next update. I hope that will solve the issue.

That will work. The accounting portion I can work some magic to get it looking more cohesive… I dont think I can get the Work Period Report to be 100% accurate but that is ok I do not like it anyway… I would rather use Custom Report and never look at WPR anyway.

The main issue with WPR is I am using Pre Order for my Refund Tickets so it does not decrease inventory… so it will show all refund sales as Pre Order sales :stuck_out_tongue: IF I had a button called Refunds that does basically same thing as Pre Order it would report correctly. But then again I do not plan on using WPR I will be using strictly custom reports

If I could disable all of the default reports and just list my custom reports on that left panel I would.

EDIT: Finally with this setup… I will not be looking at my accounting screen at all unless something is not working correctly. I will be using my Accounting Dashboard that I made which run live reports. I will be creating very detailed custom Accounting reports to pull that information.

You don’t need to use Pre-Order tickets.

You’ll use Update Order action to set Decrease Inventory setting to false for all orders.

Another solution might be just setting Calulate Price to false on original ticket and enable Increase Inventory for orders on refund ticket.

I just realized that. Pre Order just seemed natural because it allowed me to do same thing without adding more actions.

Pre-Order tickets are draft tickets (eg a ticket for reservation) and we intend to convert them to real tickets. However I can display ticket type name instead of Pre-Order name on WPR.

I know … it was not really a good flow to use it… I was hoping maybe I could get a Refund Tickets option :stuck_out_tongue: But that might confuse people that do not want to setup my system. I will do the other method and not use Pre Order before I release another Database… I think it will cause less confusion.

Both methods accomplish the same operation… At the time i was just avoiding making more actions :stuck_out_tongue:

I have thought about this and I think a simple way for this to work would be add a validation to the cancel payments so I could toggle if it cancels Calculations or not.

I would simply use constraints with it… so if customer does not want tip refunded it would cancel payment but not calculation…

if customer did want tip refunded it would just cancel all payments like normal. I could just store the calculation and pull it back up for my Change Due question in the cloned ticket.

EDIT: I know this may not work however because then it has nothing to calculate if you cancel payment.   So it would have to be a stored figure somehow…

Maybe I can implement a solution now if I can get it to store Calculation and Reapply it after resettle

I think the issue was not cancel payments action also cancels tip calculation. That was cancel payment also removes payment made for tip but since you resettle ticket for remaining amount that won’t be an issue for partial refunds but seems like still an issue for full refunds. You need a ticket that does not contain an order but contains tip. This is not something we can handle :slight_smile:

It would alter the amount of the tip if it was a Change as Tip calculation though. Which I will be using with Fast Payment buttons and Credit

EDIT: Thinking about it… I think the best approach would be to just Store the Payment somewhere.

@emre I have figured out a much better solution. After thinking deeply … For the type of system I am building… I do not need to cancel the payment at all… I want it to still show sales… I want it to still show receivables…

Instead what I do is when refund ticket is processed as refund… it debits the money from Cash… puts it into Refunds Account.

I can then build my report to show Sales, Refunds, And accurate Cash income. When I did this… everything worked! It selected the right items for clone ticket… it Updated order state on original ticket as Refunded (Tracking purposes) And my accounting is more accurate… Because when you return something you really did not decrease sales… the sale happened and you cannot make a sale UNHAPPEN

So now My sales is accurate… I have refunds tracked… and my Incomes are accurate.

EDIT: I will show pictures with operational flow in moment it will clarify if you dont understand.

I want to like this :heart:

:stuck_out_tongue: anyway its working flawlessly now… ITs very accurate and makes alot more sense… so anything you were changing… unless you feel its neccissary I do not need it. This also solved my tips issue.

This accounting system will allow me to build some VERY nice and accurate Profit and Loss Statements.

I will also be able to track sales accurately for seasonal planning etc.

So one issue I’ve noticed is WPR really limits some SambaPOS features.

Yes if you use WPR as your main view of your operation… it can limit what advanced features you implement. You pretty much HAVE to use custom reports if you go very far beyond basic accounting setup. Its because WPR is setup as a static view of a specific instance of accounting setup. Once you go beyond that… its no longer pulling the correct view.

What might be a better option in the future is just a more Novice friendly report customization tool. I know it would require some complex coding.

Great so let me know if we can implement some additional features for custom reports to build up a nice view quickly.

I will. I probably wont get back to the reports until next couple days… I still have a lot of work to straighten this system out and I want to get all the spelling/format checks done.

Oh This is kind of important to me. I dont even know if it is possible…But I can see tremendous capabilities with this.

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