Create Ticket action does not work with Auto Logout option



I’ve found that when the Waiter adds another ticket to the same table the new ticket is created with ticket user = *. This only happens when the Auto Logout of the terminal is switch on. When the Auto Logout is not selected the ticket is created correctly.

I’ve also notice that there are no User name at the bottom right corner when the new ticket is created with the Auto Logout selected, but the user name do appear when the Auto Logout for terminal is not selected. Any suggestion on how I can fix this?


If there’s no username at the bottom no one is logged in. Sounds like when I had a similar issue and it’s because there’s a lot of automation happening the screens don’t change. What live actually got is a logged out pos but instead of showing the login screen it stick on the ticket screen

To solve I had to make sure my auto logout was on a rule where the action was an auto command action with delay. Think I set the delay to 1 second, this’s allowed all the other automation to complete first then a second later it would log out and the correct screen appear (in this case the login screen)


Is it set to logout on ticket close? If so that’s your problem. When create new ticket it closes previous ticket first.


Dont duplicate post, it achives nothing, I replied to your other post.