Creating a Yes / No question


I have been looking through the forum still cant work out how to create a Yes / No question. I can get the question to pop up when the user clicks button but regardless if i click yes or no it does what the yes button is meant to do. I have created an eftpos button to ask the user if the payment was approved or not. if its approved (Yes) then finish the sale, if no is clicked it goes back to the payment screen. from what I have found it looks like its meant to be simpleto make. but has got me stumped. is there a full tutorial on how to make a yes no question with input?


Share some screenshots on how you are using the ask question action and in which rules.

If you go under management >configuration task ,you have options to setup your payment options to ask a question, or even create fast pay buttons

Thank you for the replies, here is a couple of screen shots. I have seen that @Lloyd_Tailor Thank you, I would like to know how to do it manually for future reference.

You are going to need 2 rules that are Automation Command Executed.

  • 1 for the ask question.
  • 1 for the responds/answer.

It should look something like this:

Rule 1

Automation Command name Equals AU EFTPOS Yes No


(Note: you will need to change the Action field, Automation Command Name to: AU EFTPOS Yes No - Step 2 - Y )

Rule 2

Automation Command name Equals AU EFTPOS Yes No - Step 2 - Y
Command Value Equals Y

  • Action: DLV_ACM Pay Ticket by Credit Card

Changes to make to the Automation Commands button:

  • Put a checkmark in the Execute Once
  • Put a checkmark in the Clear Selection
  • Clear the values in the Values box.

Let us know if this works or not.


you also need to male sure your rules like your one below are set to MATCHES ALL, its currently set to just matches

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