Creating Combos throws an error and leaves program, need help

I was folowing @Isaac in Open Price Option.

I added three Menu Products
-Promoçao Musarella
-Promoçao Mista
-Promoçao Calabresa

each one has the following portions

  • Coca Cola 1 LT, 9,99
  • Fanta 1 LT, 9,99
  • Guarana 1 LT, 9,99

Then I created an action for every Promoçao (one fr Mussarela, one for Mista and one for Calabresa)

Then I created a Rule for every Promoçao (one fr Mussarela, one for Mista and one for Calabresa)

but every time I add a promoçoa item to the ticket the program stops running…

what did I do wrong???



Doesn’t it display an error message?

Saddly no exception, just an error and then tries to open visualmstudio, wichnis not installed.


@gerlandog there is no known issue here that may generate error for this setup. Maybe you found something that we never noticed before but without an error message or a specific reproducing steps understanding it really hard.

I am not feeling very well today, I may have gotten salmonella from a bad egg… Tomorrow I will try to do my best to find out wha the error is.



Pd, could a copy of the database help you out?

Really? Sorry to hear that. I hope you’ll get well soon. OK. send a copy to and I’ll take a look at first chance.

ps: I’ll travel to my home city tomorrow but I’ll try to test it soon if I can.

The screen that appears is:

and if I press DEBUG

in theory, is it ok what I did with actions and rules?


G (1.1 MB)

This is not logical. When you add Promoçao Musarella in ticket you add same product again with rule and it causes an endless loop.


What I wanted to accomplish is

Manually add a Promoçao Musarella, and that SAMBA automaticaly opens the portions screen so we can select the beverage included in the promo.

Could you help me out? I am lost, in an endless loop, jajajajajajaj.

Sorry, coudl not help the joke to myself!!



Enable Auto Select setting for the menu button from menu settings.

As ussual, it is simple and perfectly documented, and I well, I have no excuse!!!




PS: Can we do that with order tags as well? sorry if it is a silly question, but at this point I dont know anything anymore…