Creating notes in each order item

hi everyone here can help me how to put notes on those orders ?

Don’t think there’s an actual order more action, you could however use the update order state action setting new state name of NStatus (or whatever you want to call it) and then the order state would be your note for that order.

You can then print that order state on your receipts or kitchen prints etc

Or just an order tag with free tag enabled?

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i don’t know what term actually i can use i need for example i have on the kot bill order like
1 alfredo pasta
-no chicken

this kind of notes i need … so the kitchen kot will be notified

Order Tags is what your after.
There are allot of options within order tags, you can group, prefix, suffix a set of predefined tags and also allow freetag which will allow manual entry of new custom tag. Also option to save these freetags also for future use.
Generally I have a set of predefined general tags with prefixes, then add order specific tags where required for say steak cooking temp etc.

yes! how can i do that ? its my first time to use this software…





this will be very helpful thank you so much !

which part i can see this one ?

the first 2 photos you sent ?

Don’t understand, what’s the question sorry…


now im here how can i find that tags i make ?

Click on an item. Does it not show up?

yes its not showing up which place this will should be located?

only wastage and void and cancel is showing up

It would show on the right. With all other order tags.

Did you map it?

Oh those are submitted. It only works on new orders.

ohh i see … now i made , how can i apply it to only 1 item ? because when i put some other items its asking for tags as well