Creating specifi sales report

hello Everybody ,
I have grocery shop and I need to set sales report to manage my daiy sales including cash/bank input , and I’m wodering if any body can help to produce that kind of report on Samba V5

for your information all amount are tax included , I set two tax rate and basically I need to split the total day sales between the taxes and cash bank payment
Of course I will compensate you for your time.
Thank you very much

Start here.

As for the cumulative Sales/Cash you’ll either need to use SQL or you can look into using account reporting.

[Sales:1, 1.2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]

>Day|Ticket Sales|Discount|Round|Tax|Total|Cash|Credit

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,([T.TotalAmount]-[CA.Discount]-[T.Tax]-[CA.Round]).sum,CA.Discount.sum,CA.Round.sum,T.Tax.sum,T.TotalAmount.sum,PA.Cash.sum,PA.Credit Card.sum:(TS.Status=Paid)}

>Total |{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:([T.TotalAmount]-[CA.Discount]-[T.Tax]-[CA.Round]).sum,CA.Discount.sum,CA.Round.sum,T.Tax.sum,T.TotalAmount.sum,PA.Cash.sum,PA.Credit Card.sum:(TS.Status=Paid)}

hi , I hve that result ? empty

(1) Do you have any sales/tickets paid during that period?

If yes, please post up a screenshot of your report editing screen.

yes I have As u can see

It should work fine, but you might need to modify the report to match your payment types and/or other details. For instance your credit card which appears to output as Carte de credit would need to be changed for the credit card payments, same thing for cash and taxes.

PA.Especes.sum,PA.Carte de credit.sum:(TS.Status=Paid)} or something like this

Works fine without any modification on my test sytem.

Looks like your payment types are not Credit Card or Cash

does the fact that I’m testing on non register version of Samba may impact the report ?
Actually is french version of Samba so the rooting still the same ? I thought is only word translation ?


I don’t think so. Whatever is in the database is what should be used for the evaluation. That would be very confusing if what showed on the screen wasn’t the actual code to build a report. Break it down to its simplest form and then build out from there.

[Sales:1, 1.2, 1]

>Day|Ticket Sales|Status
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,T.TotalAmount.sum,TS.Status}

You can see your payment types in Tickets → Payment Types