Creating Ticket Logs to Improve Security


Hello Shivan, Im trying to create a report to say items moved from tables to other tables like discussed in this post.

I’ve created all reports above but need to see a report to state items moved. Do you know of a post I can start digging or learn from?



Moving items would be more complex. I’d go for a moved order states which will give you something to report.
Presumeably log the move in ticket log also


you lost me at complex


His saying to report all items moved individually all from one table to another to show via reports would be difficult to do.

It would be easier to report table moved from one to other via ticket tag, as ticket tags would also be easier to report.

Ive set up ticket tag and set it to a “ticket entity changed” rule to tag ticket “Table changed from [:OldEntityName] to [:NewEntityName] at {Time}”


This is my setup for kitchen message for change table; Have merged with my general kitchen message rule which also has option for custom [?Message].
All go through a local program setting.