Creating Waiter (User) Accounts

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I would like to create accounts for every single waiter (user) so that i can see what sales belong to whom.

I`ve already read this topic “” but we want to see the individual sales from each waiter as a list. Just like in Ticket Explorer however, we dont wanna see who get the order first ,its not that important, we wanna see who get the payment.

I hope i could describe the issue.

Thank u all for response

To add users, go to manage>users>user list, then on the right hand side, click on “Add User”

Then type user name, set a pin number and assign a user role(I suggest have a specific one for waiters) then save.

Then they can log out and in using the pin code u set for each waiter.

To see what sales each one have done can be seen in two place.


And more detail in “Tickets” tab from navigation screen

Hope this helps.

NOTE: Like I suggested before, I highly recommend creating a New user role for waiters, and assign whatever permission you feel is good for waiters before creating new users.

To do this, go to manage>Users>Role List, then click “Add User Role”

Assign Permissions either similar to the way in the screenshot or however you wish.

Dear Shivan thank u for ur help. I have no problem with creating new user rule and accont, i want to have user payment account! In the work period report u can see just total amount of a user sails but you cant see each ticket! In ticket explorer u see the users who opened a table and took the order . But i we wanto see who get the payments. Hope its clear now.
Thank you.

Hmm. normally if an employee creates a ticket and makes a sale and the sale has been paid, normally it would show on the ticket when it was paid and on top it would show which user was logged in at the time of payment. this can be viewed when you click “Display” under each ticket.

Then in the next screen,

At the top you will see the user who was logged in and took the order, and the bottom shows when it was paid(IF it was paid). If when it was paid is shown, the normally the ticket had been paid for by the user logged in at the time. Does that makes sense?

In The work period report the user sales are presented.

Just create the users and set permissions, or once one created clone this waiter and give a name and pin code. Job done.

Here there are 6 waiters and each has their own wallet. When the work is over the owner of restaurant checks total user sales from the work period report as Peter wrote and the waiters give that amount to the Boss. So what the owner wants, he wants to see all sales(tickets) from eaach waiters in a list just like in Ticket Explorer but with the users who get the payments. Displaying each single ticket to get the payment information is time wasting .

I may wrote wrong titel , what i meant with “waiter account” is like the deliverers accounts what we created in “custom package delivery” tutorial ( . But i dont wanna create users as resources .

Shortly we just want to see sales from each waiter as a list . The list can be a ticket lister widget or a ticket explorer .

Thank you

In our case, the Waiter (1-6) print the bill and do the final settlement.
Of this settlement is a Till or his Wallet is besides, as long he login with his account to settle the bill.
So in the Work period report is mentioned what sales are in his wallet.
Not sure how to make it simpler.

Yes work period report shows “the total amount of sale from a user” and it must be in their wallets.

In the restaurant each waiter can get order from any table and get payment again from any of them. So lets say waiter-2 gets the order from table-1 , when the guest wants to pay waiter-1 is closer to the table and he gets the payment. In ticket explorer i see waiter-2 as user on this Ticket , but we want to see waiter-1 coz he made settlement.

" "
In this tutorial we can add a ticket log to each ticket and by displaying ticket we can see the ticket logs.but there are 100s of tickets in each day. There must be a way making a ticket lister with assigned user who get the payment

Thank you for your help Peter

You can do it with custom reports reports. That sample displays payments by currently logged in user. At the end of the report you can find a template to display all user payments too. Read whole topic as there are slightly different versions of this template.

Emre thank u for response .

This is excatly what were need , thank you so much Emre.

By the way how can i change the user setting from “current user” to a desired one? I mean lets say i wanna list the transactions of “waiter-1” under admin account .

Thanks again

At the end of the post I’ve added template to list all user’s payment transactions.

Thank you very much, Problem solved! i will write you a personal message about V5 licensing. Thanks again

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