Creation of refund

How can i do a refund of a bill

Have you not searched the forum. Covered many times…

There are many ways to do it depending on how you want to process the financials and inventory etc.

Personally I prefer a multiply qty by -1 to give credit and increase item sales/inventory.

In a situation where we want to refund already settled bill,how do we go about that?

That’s not a normal way to refund. If you change a paid ticket to refund you have gone from being paid x amount to giving away x amount not returning the x already paid
You should have a sale and then a refund for the same amount reulting in a net transaction of 0

How do i go about that??

Sorry actually its this post. I presume you are looking for

Using something like the link I posted before…

Yeah!!! Actually, the link sent by @JTRTech already has the link I sent. Sorry didn’t notice that.