Re-open Settled Ticket & Cancel Payments


The short version of this originally posted here:

  1. Enable More Ticket Actions Module from Samba Market. This module enables Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Payments action types.
  2. Create two actions for both of these action types. These actions do not have parameters.
  3. Create “Display Ticket” action, name it Refresh Ticket. Set TicketId parameter as 0.
  4. Create an Automation Command, name it as you wish an place it somewhere suitable.
  5. Create a Rule to handle this command and call Actions Reopen Closed Ticket and Cancel Payments.
  6. **In the same Rule, also add ** Refresh Ticket action to update ticket display.

Enable More Ticket Actions Module from Samba Market:

Actions - Reopen Closed Ticket, Cancel Ticket Payments, Refresh Ticket:

Automation Command - Re-Open Settled Ticket:

Rule - Re-Open Settled Ticket:

FLOW - Main Menu > Tickets, select a Ticket, Click Display

FLOW - Click button Re-Open Settled Ticket to enable the Settle button.

FLOW - Optionally, select order items to be Gifted, Voided, Refunded, Discounted, or Price Changed.

Finally, settle the Ticket, with the same Payment Type, or a different Payment Type.

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thanks @QMcKay your detail steps were a great help


hi. I followed your tutorial, double checked i did everything right.

But when I go to the ticket in question, the Re-Open Settled ticket is unclickable. I click and then click settle and the amount is still zero.

The ticket was settled as cash pay before, but I want to change it to Credit Card payment.


Check the mapping for the Automation Command (button), to ensure Enabled States is BLANK, not *.


thanks. works just fine.


Great tutorial @QMcKay

I think it will be worth adding Update Ticket Status Action to the Rule:

So it updates the Status of the ticket to Unpaid. If this is not done then the ticket will no longer show on the entity screens.

Hope this helps anyone following this tutorial.


This is my first post/question. Good Job Everyone. I am following along but I got stuck at “Update Ticket Status” (above). I can’t find where to it is. I’m sure its simple but after the Cancel Ticket Payment, I’m stuck. Thanks for all your help!


If you dont already have an action to update ticket state yull need to create it first, then you can add it to the rule

Go to MAIN MENU>MANAGE>AUTOMATION>ACTIONS then create a new action

Select from the drop down list the action type, update ticket state i think it is called

Then where it says current status type the following [:Current Status]

Where it says status type [:Status]

Make sure you give the action a name

Save the action

Now add the action to the rule and you will see when you click the arrow to expand the action you have two fields to complete, Current Status and Status that we created in the action

Simply type Paid and Unpaid in the correct fields (they are case sensitive too so must have a capital P and U)

Then save the rule, this will now change ticket status from paid to unpaid when the rule is started

Hope that helps


hmmm… i don’t know what is the problem… the button of Re-Open Settled Ticket it is not appeared

[answered]Database questions

This is likely your issue …


already BLANK sir… i read that issue…


when you Click the Re Open Settled Ticket button then you are allowed now to click the Settle Button. right? but my Settle Button is clickable already but the refund did not appear…


Can you post a screenshot of button mapping?


already solved my problem at Re Open Settled Ticket Button… i just relog-in my account… then its ok now… but my problem now is the refund… did not appear… i think i need to review my work one by one at the refund set up


once the payment is made and we reopen the ticket to void, or give discount how can we reflect the changes on the receipt. that is to show how much change we are giving from previous tendered amount.


You would have to build that automation. This tutorial is not an advanced refund it’s simply cancell payments and resettle. Aka you give all money back make your changes and they pay you again.

If your storing payments and change in ticket tags it wouldn’t be too hard.


storing CC ticket tag information as @QMcKay tutorial indicate but not for Cash

unless we store the item price that we cancelled after reopening settled ticket that can be displayed RIGHT!!!


You can’t cancel payment before you reopen settled ticket. You also can’t cancel orders without reopen settled ticket.


got your point i knew this was talking about the button also…i am working on it …will update in a short while


how to subtract two ticket tag value

can help with the syntax
i am trying this but seems wrong to me
[=F(TN(’{TICKET TAG:TND}’)) - F(TN(’{TICKET TAG:Refund}’))]

and how to show if ticket tag is not null have some value in it:
like this: [=F(TN(’{TICKET TAG:Refund}’))]!=0

working on it