Credit Card Integration in US

You can contact with @Jesse or @Hasa .


Please let us know how to contact you about credit card processing. Thanks.

You can send me an email or call me 870-834-9753 or pm me here.

Will this work?

It uses payment types. Pm me for more details.

So, the integration works well. It has all the basic features that it needs. But the Account Screen doesn’t seem to work with the integration.

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You mean to pay accounts? Yes not yet it’s being worked on. Sorry if I mislead you on that. We should get that feature soon.

Those of you that I sign up I’ll invite you to a private discussion to discuss it further. We want all the feedback you can give us and we will make it the best integration out there.

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Is there a way to automatically make all the tips “No Tips”? We can’t close the WP unless we to go through 140+ transactions each night.

You can close without doing any tips. It warns but it won’t stop you. I don’t do tips so I just ignore the warning.

@rightguys I created a post in the beta category and added you to it so we can discuss more specifics and requests there.

It won’t “batch-out” the credit card transactions unless I select “No Tip” and press “Start”, right?


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It will batch regardless if you do tips or not. You can ignore the message at work period warning about tips.

Can you please add me to the Beta Group as well ?

Hey @shmoulana are you on the integration?

Yes Jesse

One of our customer wants to open in CA

Can you email me please?