Credit Card Integration in US

Hi Everyone,

I started working with for credit card integration for US. I will keep this thread updated regarding credit card integration with

I have SambaPOS deployed in 5 locations and credit card integration is the single most desired feature. Smaller locations are ok with external credit card terminals, but two locations are very high volume and external CC processing is slowing down their operation significantly.

Please let me know if anyone else from US is interested in solution and we can work together to integrate credit card processing.

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Awesome! Would I be able to maintain my current payment processor?


It would only with, but they should be able to match your current processor.

I’m interested for sure in this solution. I have demo’d SambaPOS for a handful of new potential clients and they’re always very impressed. As soon as I mention that the credit card transactions are separate, I end up losing the bid to the next competitor.

I really only need SambaPOS to be able to talk to the card reader to exchange information such as the total amount, and if the transaction was successful or not, etc. Potentially have one receipt instead of two would be nice.

People are ok with semi-integrated because of the PCI compliance benefits but no one wants to enter all the information twice and process the same transaction two times.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been more of a demand for this as I run into every time with every customer in the US.

They are working with Bank of America on a fully integrated solution. I don’t have a time line sorry.


That’s great and good to know. I don’t really need a timeline, just so I can say “In the future, this will be available.” is good enough for some customers.


Yes Jimmy we are working on it. I think we will have over one integration in US after this summer. I

The integration is done with semi integration pax terminals D220, S300, and Q30 but there is alot we need to figure out before we make it public. 2-3 months max.

Just to give you an idea we took it a step further to even integrate tip adjust where you just scan the barcode in the credit card receipt and it asks for tip amount.

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That’s pretty cool. One of my bigger projects for an amusement park may be coming alive again after a long delay. This is all good news.

Hey there Hasa,

What is the status on this?


It’s finished we are doing some live testing with select locations starting this week.

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I will have my own locations on it this week.


That is so awesome!

Will this be a paid add-on?

You guys are doing such great work!

It will be available through specific US Resellers. Me and @Hasa are just about ready to start doing select live locations.

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I’d love to learn some details on the equipment that will be required, if it needs to work with any specific payment processors or if it’s possible to retain existing.

They are my most common questions from my customers.

We are a new reseller for SambaPOS but just getting our feet wet because we haven’t been able to sell any without card integration.

We’ve been getting familiar with it for the last two years on and off.


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SambaPOS is taking a big leap forward in the States. Things will be much more organized as far as how it is sold and marketed. Please stay tuned, we will keep you updated.


We are using devices provided by the processor.

How can i integrate Credit card processing? Everybody lost sales because of it. Is possible? Show how shared for everybody.


Are you in the US? You can’t just do it yourself. If your in the USA and your interested you can PM me.

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Now we have integrations in US and UK.