Credit Card Processing

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I am working on something similar and I think it can be done almost like I did to integrate TimeTrex

Kendash are you doing or some other company?

I have not picked my company yet. I am working on making sure the idea is possible with Samba before I actually commit.


i am using for my online website

if you connect with sambapos than i am interested to that

I will take a look at them. The only issue I can see is safely passing information from Samba to their Website system.

Kendash let know if you need any help.

@kendash did you ever have any luck with card processing?
I was doubtful there would be anything implying it was doable as like you say the security issues. PCI compliance would be a major hurdle. If anyone would have asked me I would have said it would not be practical but intrigued if you had any luck.

No I did not. With v4 it was just not possible. With v5 it might be with some of the web api packages. However I have not attempted it yet.

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Would be impressive if it was worked out.
Imagine it would need some specific hardware to securely pass the card details directly to the processing website.


Please us keep us in the loop if you get this to work with V5.

I will be very interested in your setup.

Thank you

@emre @Jesse

I talked to a major credit card processor today. They said that they have api that you guys can use to integrate with SambaPos. Just out of curiosity why is this not done yet. Is there more work to it then simply passing information along using their api? It seems pretty straight forward and easy to get done.


In order to process credit cards in US, SambaPOS needs to be PCI certified. SambaPOS code needs to be reviewed by a third party to get certified.

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It would be the same here in the UK.
It is the PCI compliance that will make this difficult. My limited expeciance dealing with PCI compliance was absolutely mindbogling.

We’ll offer PCI Compliant credit card processing solutions. By the way mobile payments quickly spreading. That is interesting because it can fully end payment rituals and mobile payment apps can shamelessly ask for tips or do some other useful stuff like processing payments before customer arrives. We’re working on that area too.


Sounds very interesting. Look forward to updates on the progress of that :smile:


Just curious if credit card processing will be limited to certain processors or will it work with most processors. Thanks.


Yay, excited!

Please try to work only with the popular credit card processing companys like Cayan, Flagship Merchent Services,or credit card processing.

It would be even more awesome if we could somehow just enter our information and choose a merchant of our own.

I can help with getting you api information for cayan if you need it.

If there is one thing I have learned while using this project its the fact that @emre tries to focus on solutions for the whole vs for the individual so I think you can be confident that whichever solution he goes with it will be one that satisfies the community.

For the individual needs SambaPOS solves this with its flexible configuration options.