Credit Card Tip handling with multiple card payments

I have Credit Card Tip setup like the following:

And use the new Cancel button to cancel the payment if the tip is not accepted:

However I have found if I have a ticket where it is split and 2 (or more) card transactions are processed, only the first card transaction works with the CC Tip. The second one ignores it and adds a change amount.

For example:

Total ticket: 98.00
Split 1/2: 49.00

1st payment - card: 50.00
CC Tip: 1.00

2nd payment - card: 50.00
CC Tip: 1.00 (unchanged)
Change: 1.00

So as there can only be one CC Tip calculation on the ticket, I want the 2nd payment to increase the existing CC Tip amount to 2.00 instead of adding a change amount. Is this possible?

Same Issue here, i need separate tips for diferent paymen type

Looking back at this problem now, one solution could be to create additional “CC Tips” Transaction Types and Calculation Types.

I already have “CC Tips” setup for all card payment types. As a proof of concept, I created a new “CC Tips MasterCard” Transaction Type and Calculation Type for my MasterCard payment type. I just cloned both the previous “CC Tips” types (right click and select clone).

First clone / create “CC Tips MasterCard” Transaction Type:

Clone / create “CC Tips MasterCard” Calculation Type:

Change MasterCard Payment Type “Add Calculation” Payment Processor to use the new Calculation Type:

Then to test, on a ticket I did a 1/2 split and each split I overpaid to use change as tip. As you can see below, it worked successfully!

Now you just need to repeat the above steps for each of your payment types you want to use for “CC Tips” calculation.

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