Credit/debit not tracking amount entered

Hi there, we’ve recently moved from Maitr’D to Samba. Usually when someone tips via debit, we remove cash to balance. So lets say the bill came to $75, and the customer pays $80 on debit - we would have a slip for $80. But, the system only recognizes $75, as if it had been paid in cash.

I want the system to track the full amount of the debit/credit paid, so whatever number I punch in.

Also, in case the wrong number was punched, is there a way to edit the payment type? Still figuring out the kinks, so used to Maitre’D which is soo streamlined now-a-days.

It does not handle tips by default you have to configure them. How did you configure tips?

How I’d like it to work, is to track the dollar amount entered, regardless if it is greater than the amount due. Then cash is removed, and tipped out to balance the over-payment.

I don’t currently have any “tip” setup on samba.

We also offer cash-back periodically, so i need to be able to transfer cash to debit/credit.

Ok so you can start by configuring a method for recording tips.

Quick search of forum returned this:

Posts under Tutorials category are great places to start.

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