Curency Issues & Format Price in the State display with no decimals

Hi! I am trying to display the current total next underneath the table numbers. The issue I have is with our local currency. We don’t have decimal places and I would like display the total such as “59,000” instead of “59,000.00” underneath the table number.

I have seen references that in v4 (I was using before) the decimal places couldn’t be set. I had to adjust things in the printed bill with the formatting using “#,##0.”. I have seen references that the currency issue has been addressed in v5, but I can’t seem to find the info I need.

I have tried to use the formatting box in the “Editing State (New Orders)” “Price Format” section but haven’t had luck to get it to work.

Some other notes:
I haven’t set a ‘local’ currency.
Our local currency is “kip”, so the total would be displayed as “59,000 kip”. I only need the “kip” displayed on the printed bill.
I have 2 other currencies set for Thai Baht and USD that I print out on the bill for information.
I only manage the local currency on the POS, and don’t need to bother with the other currencies other than for information.

Any suggestions?


Use an expression like:

[=FN('{TICKET TOTAL}','#,###')]

Would be easier to tell you if you had posted your current Display Format that you are using to produce your current output.


My Display Format is:

<bold>$1</bold><br/>{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount:(TEN.UtopiaTables=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}

My Price Format is blank. I tried to change it to your suggestion and variations of that… but it still shows the decimals.

sorry the bold and line break tags are messing with the messaging format in my above post