Custom Constraint not matching properly

Below is a Rule for adding a free product for a customer once a day.
The problem is that the Rule executes even when no Customer has been selected. Execute rule if Matches in this case should work as
(Promo Date is Null OR Promo Date Before {DATE}) AND Customer Name IS Not Null AND Item Equals Coke 600ml
If I remove the first Constraint, everything works fine, but new customers will not have a Promo Date and the Rule will not work without a date.

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FYI - I checked back on 3.0.34 and the issue exists there too.

When we first implemented this there was no support for using printer tags for Left part. In your case all values resolves to null string so SambaPOS groups them together to a single match. It should work fine for fixed values.

It works perfectly :smile:

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From which version has this changed? I’m using V3.0.35 and the problem seems to be happening there as well. Not sure if it’s the same problem though. The constraint (or some of them) disappears when I save and go back to it later.

after saving and opening again:

next time I open it: