Custom Date Selection with HTML & JS

I wanted to update this tutorial to document currently available automation functions to integrate JS Snippets to SambaPOS.

window.external.SetLocalSettingValue(name,value); //update a local setting
window.external.GetLocalSettingValue(name); // read a local setting
window.external.SetGlobalSettingValue(name,value); // update a global setting
window.external.GetGlobalSettingValue(name);  //read a global setting

window.external.GetExpression(templateContent); // evaluates printer template and returns result.
window.external.ExecuteGraphql(gql); //executes a graphql script and returns result.
window.external.ExecuteAutomationCommand(commandName,commandValue); //executes an automation command with given value.
window.external.ExecuteAction('Close'); //Closes browser popup dialog.