Window.External JS

Hey @VehbiEmiroglu

Are any of these methods still valid?

window.external seem to be a valid object but the Methods SetLocalSettingValue('name','value') come back undefined are not working at all.

Is the window.external replaced by an alternative that Chromium supports?


I’ve also tried window.parent which is supposed to work with Firefox and Chrome but no luck…

The script does get executed but it stops there at window.parent
Anything after that stops.

Curiously enough, using alert(window.external); returns me an object,

but when I put alert(window.external.SetLocalSettingValue); I get undefined


It leads me to a conclusion that this is broken/buggy or these features have been removed or I am missing something obvious.

Please assist!

Yes still valid. But i will check this situation again

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I would appreciate it greatly! :pray: