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I’m working on a series of entity screens from which my employees can view Member Information, tickets, Renewal information, etc. I’ve looked through the forum but I’m having a hard time putting together a method of pulling custom entity data onto the entity screen. I found a few forum topics that helped me pull an Entity Name ({REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT e.[Name] FROM [Entities] e WHERE e.[Id]=‘[:CommandValue]’:F.Name}) but that’s pretty much as far as I’ve gotten. My knowledge of SQL is very minimal.

The rest of the information I need to pull will be Custom Data for each Entity. I want to say I remember discussing that in order to load the data from an entity by way of an entity screen you had to load a ticket, then the entity, then pull the information you need, then close the ticket using rules. Is this correct? Or is there a simpler way such as the REPORT SQL DETAILS method above?

Thanks for any input you may have!

If you are looking to get custom data from the entity, you can do it directly from the entity. But youll have to handle JSON format.

From tickets, its historic data, what sort of details were available in the entity when the ticket was created.

Can be a difference depending on what you are updating with entity details.

Share what you got, Ill be able to help you whip something up together

{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT [Name],[CustomData] FROM [Entities] WHERE [Id] = [:CommandValue]:F.Name,F.CustomData(Name=Phone)Value,F.CustomData(Name=Address)Value}


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Thanks YILDIZHANPOS! I appreciate that!

Good to know! I’m going to put together what I have so far and ill share… it’s far from complete but I surprised myself on how far I got before having to ask. haha

Right now I’m stuck on getting a dynamic photo as an automation command button image. I may be going about this wrong but I thought that may be a simple way to display an image on an entity screen if I saved it as a program setting and then called that with {LOCAL SETTING:Photo} for example. I know I can do that with GraphQL but with the limited resources avail on the forum its proven to be more of a challenge to pick up… though I’ve improved with the help of support and Jesse. I don’t think I’m quite there yet, though. :slight_smile:

Member Information Properties
Member Information Settings

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I just realized I had quotes around the program setting in the widget but with that removed it still doesn’t work. Just wanted to make sure I clarified.