Custom Entity Field Report

Just trying to create a report based upon Customer Visits. Every time a customer comes to the till a tally goes up in a custom field “Total Visits”. I’m trying to get a report to display each the tallies during a date period.

I did this but it doesn’t seem to show anything?

[Visits:8,4, 2]
>Name|Last Visit|Visit Count
{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:E.Name,EC.Last Visit,TEC.Customers.Visit Count:(ET=Customers)}
>Total Visits

I cant help but think I’m going about this the wrong way?

I’m thinking if I can do it this way I can stop automating a SQL script to delete the field and move to another field (that I’m trying to do in another post)


Don’t think (well positive) it will get a period visits…
Your updating a field and these will not be reportable historically, they will always show current value.
You had this months in post before which obviously show a period defund in automation but reports will not show a tally relating to the report period.

Any Idea how I could do it historically?

Would SETTING work?

Reporting ticket counts would get part way there… But obviously not till visits just ticket count which would be 1 if they ran a tab for their visit…
Not looked but you might be able to do some creative SQL to count unique order times for tickets with that entity… If it’s a report for all entries would expect it to take a while to compile.
That would give you the most dynamic reporting ut not expecting it would be a simple query.
Tasks might be another avenue but am not overly familier with their abilities, Q or kendash might be able to offer sugestions of that front.

That way im doing it at the moment is, there are 2 fields. One for "Last Visit’ and the other ‘Visit Count’.

each time they visit the till it updates the Last Visit to be {DATE}, then I use the action constraint to be '{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Last Visit}' =! '{DATE}' <-- or there abouts and then it tally the visits up by 1 so that they can only record a visit once a day.

SO ill need to work out a wy of making this possible the way you suggested

To be honest though, this is my first till as my new business and ive spent so much time setting up their membership to do what they want… only to find out they dont give out membership cards… uh

Yer, that was your other topic the other day.
Those would be static values and defiantly not historical.
If visit is once per day you could count tickets but would want to work out unique day dates as if they had two tickets on a day it would then obviously count 2.
It wouldn’t be simple but that’s how I would approach it.

how about having a setting as a daily thing? it doesn’t HAVE to be each user listed.

Listing the visits just daily as a whole?

maybe {SETTING:{DATE} Visits} ?

So a setting per customer per visit? Bit excessive I’d say.
If you want to be able to count visits by report date range settings would NOT be the way to go in my opinion.
You have tickets data so use that. Just need to find a way to only count unique day dates so multiple tickets in a day are only counted as one visit.

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ok, the way I was going then ill just keep i think. Would you be able to check the SQL on the other post? please :slight_smile: