Custom Entity screen and department problem

I am using @morshed1’s delivery database as my base. And I have added @QMcKay’s Dine-In / To Go mod. Running on ver 4.1.63

I create a ticket in Delivery department. It however becomes visible in Restaurant department.

Delivery Department ticket

Restaurant Department

This happens because the Restaurant departments To GO Orders entity screen is set to Customers. But the mapping inside is set to Restaurant for Department and Ticket for the Ticket.
Then how is it displaying a ticket from Delivery Department?
The Ticket lister has state Unpaid in settings, but should it not restrict itself to unpaid tickets in Restaurant Department?

Try setting different ticket type for each department and set ticket type for entity screen.

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It is already setup like that. That’s why I am confused.
Restaurant -> Ticket
Delivery -> Delivery Ticket

Mapping of the Lister widget is also set to Restaurant department and Ticket. But the entity type is Customer which is shared between both departments.
And the Lister is technically showing an Unpaid ticket. Only problem is that the Unpaid ticket is in Delivery department, while the Lister is in Restaurant department. :confounded:

Screnshot of To Go Orders Entity Screen settings

Department screenshots

Try this DepartmentId is X

@Jesse is too busy with timeclock right now otherwise you will get this solve long ago :smiley:


That worked!
The entity grid didnt have that setting, but I got the same functionality by adding that to clicking the ticket. :smiley:
Thank you. :smiley:

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