Custom entity screens - widgets not been deleted

Im creating entity screen as Custom, then in POS in this entity screen i create a widget, then i want to delete it and switch back to POS screen - visualy its been deleted, then i go into this entity screen again - the widget i deleted still apears

This is just a caching issue. Enable, Disable design mode once more and everything will be fine. I’ll try to fix that on next updates.

i did try that, adding more and deleting, also logged out, also exited from the software, it only added the widgets and didnt deleted all the widgets i deleted, now the screen is full with widgets i added (and deleted).
Also tried to set the screen back to automatic or search mode, then switched back to custom - all the widgets are shown. I didnt find any way to reset the the screen i replaced the SambaPOS.sdf from my backup

Its not urgent for me right now but hope that helps

Also, i only tested it in the V4, never tried it on the V3.034 version that runs live at my bussines

Are you deleting them by right click menu > delete widget command ?

Yes, from the design mode

Does it asks confirmation when you click on delete menu item?

For a quick workaround you can try deleting entity screen and adding it again.

Big sorry for the confusion - it does delete it from the right click->delete (also ask for confirmation) (and it saved as expected :smile: )
it doesnt save the delete when i select the widget and press the delete button from the keyboard… but i can live with that