Custom Field [Image] for Entity Type

This is for customers the customer database for example. If I could also save an photo for said customer, I’d remember more what their personal preferences… Usually we remember what customers eat and drink more than their names.


Interesting… Can you really shoot customer photos?

Maybe I can create a “File” type custom field and open it when you click on the file name. What do you think?


Hi Emre,

We’re a dine in. We’re a family run restaurant and we try our best to give a meet our customers preferences. Well, the customers I’m referring to are regulars and they don’t mind us taking their photo. That, or we’ll use some other image top remind us of the customer.

Ok, I can see how this would save trouble of someone else coming in and asking for another kind of attachment; just lump them into one entity type file. But then a waiter, cashier, hostess … would have to click, open the image separately to remember the customer. won’t work.

The workflow im thinking of is as follows:

Case 1) phone rings. Hello? Yes, of course Mr. Pink. your table is ready. from caller ID, the customers’ profile is already displayed and I remember their personal preferences. I’ll know how to deal with them over the phone directly.

Case 2) manager books a table. When waiter see the booking, he sees the customer and remembers how to best serve him…

could also be useful for hostels and hotels, to track their regular customers and serve them better.

Hello @slabos. Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I understand your case and I think this is a brilliant idea. Some people also asking similar CRM related features. However for two or three releases I’ll give priority to some most requested features such as credit card processing and employee time tracking. I’m adding that to my todo list now. I’ll evaluate it with other related requests and create a nice solution for that. If you’ll have more ideas in mind please let me know.

This is exactly how opensource works. sometimes it’s slow cause there’s not enough funding behind it, but with time… you get something that’s exactly what people need. thank you for putting time into this.

@emre @slabos It would be nice and very effective if customers image update automatically.
from Facebook for example

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Nice, but would open up security issues that were preferably left alone. I like that SambaPOS doesn’t use internet connection as it is.