Custom Item button

So I added a menu item called custom item and then added a modifier so I can make a custom item, now this works ok, but I am wondering if you guys have an easier/quicker way to add a custom item with custom price?

Have a look here

You can also create an order added to ticket rule and in that add the action for price change. Set a constraint so the rule only happens when your custom item button is pressed

Now when you press your custom product button a keypad appears to type in price, key in price and item is added to ticket

@RickH, thanks for the reply. So it looks like that’s exactly the setup I have with free tagging. But I think I’m going to play around with the rules and see if I can make a button that when I press it I can have the option to name the item and put a whatever price I want. Thanks again.

It can definitely be done, you cant rename the product but you could add an order tag

I have a miscellaneous item product so when i press it a keypad appears and i type in the price and my misc item is added an price updated

I havent got round to adding a description yet but i think you could just add an order tag action to the same rule with the price action. You would then get 1 keypad/keyboard appear so you can enter price and description as an order tag all at the same time in the same keypad/board

If you struggle and noone else chips in ill try and show yoy screen shots, it wont be until later tonight though but hope that helps :smile:

You will need
1 order added rule (add constraint for you custom product)
1 price change action
1 update order tag action

Make order tag descirption and price variable values in the actions then you can define them in the rules

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