Custom Management Change Validation

Perhaps in a future version if it wasn’t a major task and you think it adds value could it be considered to get some form of event on management save events.
As will become more common with future integrations there is an increased need for validation of settings.
A prime example in my PMS setup is all products require a valid GL_Account code in order for the PMS to record the correct department (ie food or drink). I have done this with product tags.
I have preempted issues by making my scripts use a generic allocated account in PMS if one is not set but would be reassuring to prevent the issue in the first place. Required is not enough it needs to be a valid account and in fact an invalid account would currently bypass my check script for it as it would use that.
Anyway my thought is if we can trigger say a script following a managment setting change like new product saved we could validate our on constraints there and then.
My backup plan if/when I do v2 of the PMS integration might be a overall check script on work period started or aplication start however problems could arrise before that next happened and they are not really the kind of things you would want to implement on login as would just be excessive.
Just food for thought.