Custom Navigation Tiles - How to make a Dynamic Weather Tile using Weather Underground API


my screen shot is as follow.

Yes handler is weather


Looks to be a little cool in Bristol…

##WeatherModule [weather] (Script)##

Script Name: WeatherModule
Script Handler: weather


var nl = '<linebreak/>';

function current(city,country)

  var u = ''+city+'&CountryName='+country;
  //u = ''+city+','+country+'&mode=xml';

  var allxml = web.Download(u,'/(.*)/gi');

  // check to see if we got anything from the URL
  var re = /xml/;
  var result = allxml.match(re);
  if (result==null) {
    return 'Weather Not Available.';

  re = /Temperature>\;([^&]+)/;
  result = allxml.match(re);
  var temp = result[1];

  re = /Wind>\;([^&]+)/;
  result = allxml.match(re);
  var wind = result[1].replace(':0','');

  re = /SkyConditions>\;([^&]+)/;
  result = allxml.match(re);
  var sky = result[1];

  return temp + nl + sky + nl + wind;

// {CALL:weather.forecast('AR','Newark','your_api_key_here','c')}

function forecast(region,city,key,t)
  if (typeof(t) == "undefined") { var t = 'f'; }

  var result = nl;

  var weather = getCurrent(region,city,key)
  result += toBlock(cdegree(weather,t)) + nl;

  var root = getForecast(region,city,key);  
  for (i = 0; i < root.length; i++) {
    result += toBlock(toTile(root[i],t)); 

  return result;

function getForecast(region,city,key)
  var u = ''+key+'/forecast/q/'+region+'/'+city+'.json';
  var allweather = web.Download(u);
  var weather = JSON.parse(allweather);
  return weather.forecast.simpleforecast.forecastday;  

function getCurrent(region,city,key)
  var u = ''+key+'/conditions/q/'+region+'/'+city+'.json';
  var allweather = web.Download(u);
  var weather = JSON.parse(allweather);
  return weather.current_observation;  

function toBlock(content)
   return '<block 30,0,0,0>' + content + '</block>'

function toTile(forecast,t)
   return + ' ' +sym(forecast.icon) + nl + 
     degree(forecast.high,t) + ' / ' + degree(forecast.low,t);

function degree(value, t)
   return t=='c' ? value.celsius: value.fahrenheit;

function cdegree(value, t)
   var result = t=='c' ? value.temp_c: value.temp_f;
   return '<size 70><bold>'+result+' '+degreesym(t)+'</bold></size>';

function degreesym(t)
   return t=='c' ? 'C�': 'F�';

function sym(icon)
  if(icon == 'cloudy') return '<sym>?</sym>';
  if(icon == 'rain') return '<sym>?</sym>';
  if(icon == 'snow') return '<sym>?</sym>';
  if(icon == 'partlycloudy') return '<sym>?</sym>';
  if(icon == 'clear') return '<sym>?</sym>';
  return icon;


Type this into the Address Bar of a Browser to see what is returned (insert the proper APIKEY, Region, and City) …

It should return something like this:


Hmm!! Its still not showing for me. And yes it is quite cold and it looks like its about to rain too!

I like to think I know what im doing here so hitting a blank wall is doing my nut in lol.



Show us your tile again so we can see the syntax white out your key.


Did you try a manual pull by entering your information into the address bar of a browser to see what is returned? If nothing is returned, maybe your key is bad, mmkay?


He showed a sshot earlier of it working manually. It’s probably a typo somewhere or internet connection


His shot earlier is from browsing the website, not pulling JSON data. It isn’t the same thing.


No I erased his key data but he had it in there. I whited out his key.

EDIT: Ok after reviewing it your right he did. He in fact did not have the info in there. I whited out just the address lol. Sorry Q.


It returned the script you have shown, or like you have shown.

Iternet is on because im using it now on the same PC.

Firewall is switched off.

Just a thought…Am I supposed to be editing the URL in the script?



Finally it is showing now but it is showing with Question mark.

Can we set up like this


Question marks has been resolved

can anyone showed me like this


Might be possible to do a tile similar to that but it would require a rewrite of the script as well as a way to capture and display those graphics. We are using built in icons so it’s faster and quicker to display. Using the built in icons also keeps it consistent look


Thanks for your reply.

I have very fast internet connection so downloading will not be an issue. If you need the view source of the page, I can copy for you.

The reason I ask is , It is more Graphical and show more accurate icons


I am really not interested in ripping off sourcecode of another web applet lol. You should look at weatherundergound api and see whats readily available to use legally.


where do you put the script


Manage > Automation > Scripts


do i nee to put anything in the script?


Anybody got a script to get support information to show up on a tile? Like IP, computer name, subnet, gateway… Etc…


I would hazzard a guess you will need to use cmd promp exported to file and read the text file back…

Are these details not fixed though? can you not just set them manually??