Custom Package to install for restaurant with delivery system

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is there any ready Custom Package to install for restaurant with delivery system? where i can download

when add customer Address using UK Royal Mail Address finder so i can insert the approved address

any function to send the SMS to the customer when his order place?

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There is not currently a Custom Package with what you say. You would have to build it yourself following tutorials and many other resources available in this forum. Just about everything you need to set this up and get you on the right track is located right here in the forum. Use the search function in upper right of forum and be sure to check out the Tutorials Category of the forum.


that will take really long time for me and i am opening my shop in few days, i really like this system.

I am sorry but that is the way Samba works. Its designed so you can customize it for your needs. It might not take as long as you think if you just dig in and start reading. There is a lot of information and many step by step tutorials.

All of what you asked can be done and I am fairly certain there are several people that read these forums that have setup similar configurations. You might search for some posts and find discussions about these.



There is a system for this that someone built. You just need to follow the instructions.

Even then, it may not work exactly as you want it to, so you may need to modify it.

You will only get out of this POS what you put into it. If your business is important, you need to do the groundwork.


Today we had a conversation about exact same topic. Default package delivery features are sufficient for an average operation however people likes how custom package sample works and wants to have it. I originally prepared it for a business that receives about 400 phone orders during rush hours and it contains some specific features for that business. Most of our tutorials are “samples” prepared with intention to demonstrate SambaPOS features. That sample may perfectly fit or not but without knowing specific details about your operation workflow it is hard to offer something “custom” that will just work for you. For example if you offer Take Away you’ll need additional features (buttons). Even we can do that you’ll probably improve / optimize your operation and as your business changes your POS should change accordingly. So understanding how it works and being able to customize it by yourself will be a big benefit.

This is what SambaPOS is different from ever other systems.

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any hope for this Default package

@mhayatlah I think you may have missed the point @emre made. There is already a system someone built and you can have it too. Just follow the tutorial and then customize it for your own need.

It has now been over 23 days. It would have taken you maybe a few hours or maybe even a couple days to build that tutorial more than likely a few hours. Instead of fighting it and hoping for something that more than likely will not happen why not give it a try?