Custom print template for specific orders

Is it possible to customise the display template of specific types of orders. I guess in the same way that we can for specific types of [PAYMENTS:PaymentType] or [ORDER TAGS:TagName].

My reason for needing this is a little long winded*, but let’s just say I wanted to split drinks from all other types of items I sell…

-- Something special for drinks
<J00>{QUANTITY} Litres of thirst quenching {NAME}|{PRICE}

-- Every other type of order

You can…
Group and state for sure you can - see void order template for example.

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Yes - I saw you can for states. Is that the only way to do it? Do I need to add a state to the order when it’s added in to be able to achieve this?

Yeah just change the state when the order is added that should be easy. I think that’s the easiest way

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You can do group code for products aswell and sure many others but I always use states for everything.
Most of my custom product fields/tags are instantly converted to a state on order added.
GL_Account (PMS intergration)
Package Price
Special Offer group
Kitchen print
Bar print

Many many states, they are powerful and most feature/functions easily use them.

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Pretty sure you can filter Order sections by Product Tag as well, even Custom Tags.


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