Custom Product Tag Constraint


Should this constraint be working or Is it the correct way to do this?

I have tried Not Equals Blank - Not Equals 0 - Greater 0.01 - Is Not Null - Not Matches Blank

Basically what I’m trying to do is execute a rule only for products that have a custom product tag with a value for its weight Eg.13.5

It works if I put it in the action constraint [=TN('{ITEM TAG:Weight}')]>0
Any idea why this wont work in the Rule constraint.

This could be a long list of actions and I don’t want to have to change all the constraints individually if I need to update something.


Your screenshot shows {ITEM TAG:Weight} . Have you tried [=TN('{ITEM TAG:Weight}')] in the rule constraint with greater than 0?


Yes I tried that. I can’t understand why it won’t work


Add an ask question or show message action with that in to confirm it returns the value expected or not?


Yes value is as expected. When I add the constraint to the action it works.
It would just be easier to make changes if I could apply it to the rule overall and not individually to each action


This works just fine:

[=TN('{ITEM TAG:Weight}')] Greater 0

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Ok I’ve found the issue.
I just showed {ITEM TAG:Weight} in the example above to simplify it.
I actually have the Item tag as {ITEM TAG:Kg/Box}

[=TN('{ITEM TAG:Weight}')] works
[=TN('{ITEM TAG:Kg/Box}')] does not work in the rule the / seems to be breaking it

[=TN('{ITEM TAG:Kg/Box}')] does work if added as a constraint to the action


@emre will need to take a look at this then. He can probably fix that.

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Just wanted to say that this seems not to work anymore like this!
One only needs to put {ITEM TAG:Kg/Box} without [=TN(’’)]