Custom Report {ACCOUNT TOTAL:X} Error


I have a problem when create my first custom report .
Basically when i use {ACCOUNT DEBIT TOTAL : X } and { another option like {ACCOUNT CREDIT TOTAL : X } or { ACCOUNT TOTAL : X } in the same report , all the values result equals.
I show you the screens to illustrate my situation.
In the first image , the tags not match with the results.
The next three images show each tag with the right result but when I use all the tags together the result is wrong.



Hi everybody,

Some one with the answer?
Anybody can explain me how can I resolve this error?
Maybe is so easy, but I don’t know how can I do it?
Is a licence problem?..I don’t know!


Can you show your accounts page so we can see what that account is?

Thanks @kendash,

Account: Efectivo Caja is like Cash on cash drawer
All the transactions using this account work very well.

I apreciate your help.

I can not reproduce that. It works fine for me.


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You are right I was not on 4.1.82 when I loaded 4.1.82 and retried it reproduced as well on mine. Probably a bug that came up that @emre can squash. Will change this to Issue maybe he will see it.