Custom Report: Custom data field data is not showing

@emre as you suggested me to add custom data field to store floor locations

but when run the report no data is showing.

That will work for new created tickets. Also you didn’t added floor field as a table column. Just used as a filter.

I have tried with new tickets also but didn’t work.

what do you mean by table column as shown above I did added as a custom field in entity type

What do you mean by didn’t work? You can’t see floor data on report or see no tickets at all. Can you give more details?

I couldn’t see any data at all only the table headers shown

(I am unable to add paste image so cant show you the table report)

Can you try using expression without .Tables part?. For example:

(TEC.Floor=1st Floor)

@emre yes it is working

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,T.Time,EN.Tables,TT.Sharing,TT.Individual,T.TotalAmount:(TEC.Floor=1st Floor)}

but i have one more issue i am able to remove the suffix for sum but not able to remove suffix for max or count (under show table summary in table view)