Custom Report [Customer Name, Items, Qty & Amount]

Hi SambaPOS Admins and Users,

I have a problem to create this kind of report which can include

  1. Date
  2. Customer Name
  3. Items Sold
  4. Quantity &
  5. Amount

TE.Name is not valid.

Please see here on how to use custom reports.

The one you may be looking for is EC.Customers but I do not think you will find that it will work with ORDER DETAILS. It would work with TICKET DETAILS however.

I tried EC.Customers in TICKET DETAIILS but nothing appear in the table.
It just work with Entities like I did down there.

Isn’t it TEC on ticket details?

@Cresselia_Mew what version of samba is that? V4?

You are going to have to use listings @{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:EN.Customers} and then use expressions for certain entity types or names in your order details. I.e. (TCET=Customers) or (TEN.Customers=xxx)

However, I am not sure this is available in V4.


V4 is no longer supported and many features are not available on it.

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I have this… Just have a problem on how to group them under one Customer Name
`[Customer Ticket Details:3,2,2,4,4,1, 2]

@{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TicketNumber:(TCET=Customer):|}
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.Date,T.Time,T.TicketNumber,[EN.Customer]+’-’+[EC.Customer.First Name]+’ ‘+[EC.Customer.Last Name],’’,’’,’’:T.TicketNumber=="$1"}
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:’’,’’,’’,’’,O.MenuItemName,O.Quantity,O.Price:T.TicketNumber=="$1"}
||||TOTAL||{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.TotalAmount:T.TicketNumber=="$1"}`

There is no need to do an @ list for ticket numbers for a report ticket details report… it already reports based on ticket.
You would use a customer list for the @ then report tickets where ticket customer entity = $1

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I am so dumb to realize the *EN.Customer is the only thing I missed out in my Customer Order Details. Lol…Thank you very much for your ideas. This is all I need. And thanks to all for being a helping hand.

Yes. Version 4. Is there any way I can buy the activation of this custom report for V4? I know it is no longer supported. Curiously asking.

For the price it used to get sold its actually way more convenient to buy a V5 license and get all the other tools included and the massive difference in the amount of options and automation you can do in V5.

Can you please help have a copy of the correct syntax which i can copy paste to make report
i need ticket listing for a period, having customer details and order item details.