Custom report food drinks dont add up correctly

So I have a custom report which looks like this
Unfortunately the food, beverages and opening day do not total up to the total earnings. Here is my custom report code

[Gardenroom] Food: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(TE=GardenRoom) and (MG=Food)} Beverages: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(TE=GardenRoom) and (MG=Beverages)} Opening Day: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(TE=GardenRoom) and (MG=Opening Day)} Cash Total: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Gardenroom Cash)} Credit Card: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(TE=GardenRoom) and (PT=Credit Card)} Total Earnings: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(TE=GardenRoom)} [Greenside] Food: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(MG=Food) and (TE=GreenSide)} Beverages: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(MG=Beverages) and (TE=GreenSide)} Opening Day: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(MG=Opening Day) and (TE=GreenSide)} Cash Total: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Greenside Cash)} Credit Card: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(TE=GreenSide) and (PT=Credit Card)} Total Earnings: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(TE=GreenSide)} [Greenwood] Food: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(TE=GreenWood) and (MG=Food)} Beverages: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(TE=GreenWood) and (MG=Beverages)} Opening Day: {REPORT ORDER TOTAL:(TE=GreenWood) and (MG=Opening Day)} Cash Total: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(PT=Greenwood Cash)} Credit Card: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(TE=GreenWood) and (PT=Credit Card)} Total Earnings: {REPORT PAYMENT TOTAL:(TE=GreenWood)}

Any help would be great.

If your using taxes or calculations the REPORT ORDER TOTALS tags will not reflect that but obviously Payments would. Do you have anything like that?

Hi Kendash,

We do not have neither of them set in place. So that shouldn’t affect the REPORT ORDER TOTALS.


Are there any unpaid tickets?

This screen shot had a void ticket in it, however that was worth £88, so that doesn’t seem to affect it. But this issue has been happening on other days which dont have void tickets.

There wouldn’t be any unpaid tickets because we have it setup where you cannot hold a ticket or tab tickets. so it has to paid when ordered.

There might be tickets without an entity, you may have unlisted payments, I mean it may be anything specific to your setup. It might be a better idea to post whole report and the full work period report so we can compare numbers.

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here is the whole custom report:

Here is the full work period:

Defiantly issues somewhere… is this report default?

If you can PM me a zip file of your database backup I can review that @CarreraUK

How do I get a backup of the database to send you?

sorry about the delayed response.

Temporarily install the backup module in the samba market section of main menu (the globe icon) restart samba and will be backup option in the manage section under settings.
Youll need to uninstall the backup module afterwards as youll get an activate popup keep coming up. Unless you want to buy but if looking to upgrade anytime soon to v5 dont bother as its part of the v5 licence.

For 19 June you sold Chicken & Bacon Salad and Homemade Pie & Mash. These products deleted so SambaPOS can’t determine group codes and these products does not include in your report. Probably same issue with that topic.

As @JTRTech suggested you can store group codes as order states so these won’t lost when you delete menu items.

I have done what you guys sugguested and it seems to work, however I have noticed that a voided ticket is still being added to the total of food sold. How can I prevent that from happening?

thank you for all your help