Custom report for customer account payments detail

Hello I need to make a custom report where the customer who have paid their bills appear, the name of customer, also I need to show what kind of payment the customer made, that is, cash or card.

You mean accounts or just tickets paid?
You will need to use account transactions report expression.

I mean Paid accounts, payment type, and customer name, can you give me a hand with the account transaction report?
i’d tried using expression bun not successfully.

In short, what I need to do is to appear in the report the same dats that appear in the transaction document

Hi @Caleido_Lab

Well the report could be a little tricky if you have not standardized account payment TRANSACTION type names. Here is a sample report below:

Here is the code but I feed in consistent names because I can have up to eight draws running in 4 departments:

[Accounts Activity:2,6, 1]
>>Customer Account Deposits
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Customer Cash Payment $2$3:Cash $2$3}
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Customer Eftpos Payment $2$3:Eftpos $2$3}
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Customer Voucher Payment $2$3:Voucher $2$3}

I feed department name into a script that just returns the NAME of the TRANSACTION document used for the Account payment i.e. Customer Payment BR1 which stands for Customer Account and Cash Draw 1 used.

You should maybe drop all the parameters and used fixed descriptions if you just use 1 cash draw.

{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Customer Credit Card Payment:Credit Card Payment}

Note: :Credit Card Payment} = Target or Destino

Cheers Paul.

Im confused, i’d tried this but not working

I have this code:

[Accounts Activity:2,6, 1]

Customer Account Deposits
{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION DETAILS:Customer Credit Card Payment}

And I get this:

The first problem is that duplicates appear and the second problem is that the customer’s name does not appear.

how can I do this?

The reason his code wont work for you is because it is using a script call and he did not include the script for you to copy.

That report syntax will not show the customers name you need to use a different method to get the name. I can not show you right now because I am on my phone but when I get time I will try to help you find the right syntax. IF someone else gets to it before me then great.

Thank you i’m trying to make it with this tutorial Customer Account Statements and Payments (Custom)

Ok so that is a really good tutorial. I recommend you follow it. A few bits of advice though since it is an advanced tutorial. Do NOT skip any part of it. Follow the tutorial exactly even down to spelling and punctuation and capitalization. Get it working first then modify it how you need.

With respect to that tutorial, how is it possible to add the same action twice to a rule?

Right click and check show all actions then select it again.

Thank you, if you can give me a hand with some simpler method I would appreciate it very much

Hi, I did the whole tutorial, but I did not get what I need

OR some way to remove letter Before “-” from Payments Tables Name Column.

I need to display each customers purchase details at the end of the workperiod. As the attached image.
workperiod%20report .

But when the ticket was split between members. It’s displaying the last paying members id.
Note: MembersId is coming from CustomData.

Payment Table:

My Code:

[Payments:2, 2, 2, 2]
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:EC.MemberId,T.TicketNumber,P.Id.asc,P.Amount:Payment.Amount > 0}
>Total|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Amount.Sum:Payment.Amount > 0}