Custom report for each server


Is it possible to make a custom report with v5 that will allow each of my servers to have there own report?
Without showing the days totals ( only showing what they have sold in there shift) ?

They need this to do end of day sales but I dont want them to have access to my total sales for the day.

( I searched for the answer in for forums but was unable to find exactly what i was looking for, maybe someone can put me in the right directions)

If they specifically only ever handle tickets by a single user then should be fairly simple.
Your issue will be if multiple users add/make payments to a ticket you would struggle to get a per user report which balances sales/payments.

I hazard a guess its mainly payments your interested in for a per user cash up?

Yes each server only handles a ticket.
So- server goes to a table, takes order , punches it in and takes payment.

I basically need a sales report but instead of listing ALL the users sales on one single report
I need one that lists just the users sales of a specific servers selected.

So each servers report needs to have there sales for the day, broken down into payment type( cash, visa, master-card, debit card, american express.
with a total of each at the end.

Im just not sure how do go about even starting to make the report! Thanks