Custom Report HELP!

I got this report

[Raport Productie:6, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3]

>Denumire Prod.|U/M|Cant.|Pret in|Pret out|Pret in TOT|Pret out TOT|Rata 

{REPORT COST DETAILS:[C.Name],C.PortionName,C.Quantity.Sum,[([C.Cost]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/[C.Quantity.Sum]/100,[([C.AvgPrice]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/[C.Quantity.Sum]/100,[([C.Cost]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/100,[([C.AvgPrice]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/100,[($7-$6)/$6];%##.0000;-%##.0000;-}

>Total| |{REPORT COST DETAILS:C.Quantity.Sum}| | |{REPORT COST DETAILS:[([C.Cost]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/100,[([C.AvgPrice]*[C.Quantity]).Sum]/100,[($2-$1)/$1];%##.0000}

i am wondering how to replate the C.AvgPrice with the menu item price … i would apreaciate any help … thanks

So if you sell 3 tea and give 2 tea for free (gift), it decreases inventory by 5 tea but if you calculate your profit from menu item price wouldn’t it be misleading? It will be better if you explain your need in more detail.

Also I need to understand which Menu Item price you expect to see for example if you’re checking last 3 month’s report.