Custom Report: How to do total for Ticket Tag field?

i need to do sum for ticket tag field but i cant find the right tag for it.

can anyone please help me with the tag!!!

You can convert it to a table and Sum it this way.

in table can we only show numeric field

i have manage to produce this

but i was thinking if i could show ticket no and time in column field.

if i do this it shows 0

This is a pivot table not a table. You can use # instead of ! to convert report to a table.

You can find details here

oh ok…now i am trying to follow the instructions for table layout but when i click on view editor i dont get the showsummarry footer bar.

how do i get that?

got it after playing around i tick the check box for showsummary

but i couldnt find how to change the background color both in pivot table and table?

@Jesse how did you manage to change the color?

You can’t right now. It will not save.

oh cant change in table also?

unfortunately no you can not right now.

ok… thanks anyways