Custom report templet

We are using Version 5, in that we are not finding custom Report
can some one help to install that option.


Reports have their own section in the management menu;

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Go to manage and then reports.

pls find the image this i got from one of the post

it is said that this module is pre installed in version 5, but i am not able to see that.
can u help me to get this module on my version.


Show a screenshot of your manage section?

Did you do as I asked?

Oh this it’s there…thank you.
Now I need my barsale and food sale separate list with total sale of bar total sale of food.
Discount given to bar discount given to food.
Cash settlement to bar, cash settlement to food,
Credit card of bar, credit card of food.
Void amount of bar, void amount of food.
In simple we want all the details of bar separately and food separately.
Thank you

Check out and look at the Reports section. Everything you need to learn how to build custom reports is there.

In regards a couple of those points - it’s not reliable to report ticket level stats like payments on order level constraints like bar/food.
Payments are not directly linked to orders.
Example for you to consider…
1000 ticket total, 600 food 400 bar.
Paid 50/50 split 500 cash, 500 card, now what payment type is used where?

I m not understanding your question clearly.

Ok, keep it simple.
Reporting after just one ticket.
The ticket is for £10, a drink for £4 and a food item for £6.
The ticket isn’t paid as just cash or card they pay £5 cash and £5 card.

You say you want to report cash and card for food and drink.
My question is what would you expect the report for just that one ticket to show as the cash/card splits for food and drink?

I will expect to divide percentage wise.
Example. For drink 40% of cash and 40% card.
And for food 60% of cash and 60% card.

That is
Drink Card 2 cash 2.
Food card 3 cash 3

So that’s not a report it’s just math.
Samba reports give exact calculatable values.
If your taking % like that its irrelivent food or drink, you just calculate % of total since that is same difference.
Even if you want a $ value to that figure it wouldn’t be a samba report to give that straight up you would need to include math.